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EPISODE 02 | with Jeff Selingo

Changing Worlds: College to Career

Changing Worlds: College to CareerJeff Selingo
00:00 / 27:33

How is higher education changing? The pandemic accentuated important questions about the role of colleges in preparing students for a rapidly evolving future. Tacy is joined by New York Times bestselling author, journalist and education thought leader, Jeff Selingo, to discuss insights from his latest book, Who Gets in and Why, and explore some of the most pressing challenges facing higher education today.

In addition to Adobe’s recent research into the importance of essential creative skills in student success, Tacy and Jeff discuss his extensive investigation on today’s admissions process. Jeff answers questions such as: How can colleges adapt to stay relevant? What skills and experiences provide the most value to students after graduation? And, what role do creative skills play in both college admissions and life-long success?

Stephen-Marshall + Richard Amoako.jpg

EPISODE 04 | with Stephen Marshall & Richard Amoako

How to Launch Students into Work They Love

00:00 / 46:57

We know creative skills are essential for students to find success in their careers and in their lives, but what does it look like to foster them in higher education? Tacy is joined by Stephen Marshall, a professor at East Tennessee State University, and his former student, Richard Amoako, to discuss how to execute hands-on learning experiences that inspire students to reach their creative potential and ultimately find meaningful work.

Tapping into Stephen’s expertise as an educator and brand strategist plus Richard’s experience as a recent graduate, this conversation reveals best practices for “real-world” assignments that make a lasting impact, how to bridge the gap between industry and academia and which credentials matter most for life after college.

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EPISODE 05 | with Mala Sharma

Creating the Future: Why Creative Students Make the Best Job Candidates

Creating the Future: Why Creative Students Make the Best Job Candidates
00:00 / 34:41

Employers need a workforce that can invent the future, not just maintain the status quo. Research shows that they’re increasingly looking for applicants with key skills like problem solving and creativity who can complete the task at hand while finding innovative solutions for new business challenges. Leveraging her 15+ year experience transforming Adobe’s business, Mala Sharma, VP & GM, Creative Cloud Product Marketing, Community & Digital Media Education joins Tacy to discuss the skills that will serve students best as they begin the job search, building on their unique strengths and helping them communicate their value to the world.

From charting her own non-linear career path to leading teams and hiring new colleagues at every level, Mala offers a candid industry perspective on what makes a student successful as they enter the world of work. She also shares how  Adobe is partnering with schools, governments and other edtech companies to create broader access to creative tools that support critical skills development, underscoring that the most important factor of effective education begins with empowering educators.

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